Inactive ANC branches has some worried that the ruling party will lose support in the 2024 elections.

A report by the ANC’s electoral committee, chaired by former president Kgalema Motlanthe, has painted a bleak picture of the party’s performance at next year’s polls.

The report was discussed at a special national executive committee (NEC) meeting on Wednesday, sparking disagreements between senior ANC leaders, according to a Sunday Times article.

Inactive ANC branches

The report highlighted a high number of inactive ANC branches, with more than 30% of them having failed to nominate candidates for next year’s elections.

It detailed how hundreds of branches were unable to meet because of the disenchantment that has spread across the lower structures of the ANC.

According to the electoral committee, only 2 533 branches submitted lists, the Sunday Times reports. The party had 3 942 branches before last year’s national conference.

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The ANC relies on its branches to entice potential voters and encourage community members to register to vote.

‘People are rejecting us’

Human settlements minister Mmamoloko Kubayi voiced her concern over what the report suggested.

“Mmamoloko said some of the issues are consistent with what we see on the ground as we do election work. She said we must put mechanisms in place for us to have a fighting chance in the election,” an NEC source said.

Former Limpopo education MEC Polly Boshielo also warned the ANC leaders.

“She said our volunteers are running away from us. Everybody is running away from us,” said the NEC source.

“She said the NEC should not shoot the messenger by criticising the report. She said people are rejecting us, and that’s a fact.”

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ANC’s prospects for elections

Recent opinion polls have projected that the ANC’s support could dip below 50% for the first time in the 2024 national elections.

A poll released in October by the Brenthurst Foundation, in conjunction with the London-based SABI Strategy Group, shows that ANC support continues to decline.

However, it also said opposition parties are unlikely to garner enough support to dethrone the ANC if it gets less than 50%.

The ANC’s support dropped from 48% in November 2022 to 41% in October 2023. Those surveyed said unemployment, corruption and load shedding were their biggest concerns.

A Social Research Foundation (SRF) report in November also said that former president Thabo Mbeki had a higher ‘favourability perceptions score’ than current president Cyril Ramaphosa.

“Thabo Mbeki’s score has lifted by just over five percentage points from 52.5% to 57.8%. Julius Malema’s score has lifted by around four percentage points from 23.8% to 27.7%. Cyril Ramaphosa’s score has lifted by just under four percentage points from 40.7% to 44.4%,” it said.

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