Caretaker coach Cavin Johnson finds himself in the spotlight after Kaizer Chiefs early exit from the Nedbank Cup.

Johnson isn’t willing to let history be a millstone around his neck.

‘Not my fault’: Cavin Johnson won’t take blame for Kaizer Chiefs drought

Kaizer Chiefs best chance of ending that drought this season was in the Nedbank Cup but they have blown that shot.

“As a coach now, do I have to take nine years on my shoulders? That’s a lot of years,” the coach said according to Times Live.

“We have to do proper inspection on what we have to do to make it a better season; to finish the season on a high, so that we can show the people and the public that we are building.”

Johnson appeared to be getting the benefit of the doubt from fans having taken charge midway through a season.

However, a humiliating loss to lowly Milford FC changed all that.

His reputation is still intact?

Johnson would counter that his reputation as a coach remains intact as he feels that he did his job.

“I’ve lost other games like this. I don’t think it will damage my reputation when you see the way the team played [dominating Milford but failing to profit from chances],” Johnson added.

“I’d have said my reputation was going to be damaged if we didn’t attack and we didn’t attempt to score goals.

“If we made tactical and technical blunders maybe my reputation was going to be at stake but I think my reputation is still intact.”

Johnson may have a point given that it seems his setup and tactics were on point but the players failed to take their chances.

The biggest miss had to be the penalty kick that Ranga Chivaviro couldn’t convert in extra time.

However that failing could also come back on the coaches with Chiefs not having an accomplished penalty taker in their group.


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