Who is Boy Muller?

Boy Muller is a young and fast-rising Afrobeat artist who hails from Nigeria. He started his career in 2022 by doing freestyles and song covers before releasing his first single titled Baller(Sope Otilor)

Boy Muller’s Early Life and Education

Although Boy Muller’s actual year of birth is unknown, he was born Abolaji Sherifdeen in Nigeria on August 5. He also grew up and completed his education in Nigeria. However, there is no further information on his early life and education at the moment.

Boy Muller’s Career

Boy Muller started by doing freestyles and covers for various songs. In 2022, he released his first single titled “Baller(Sope Otilor). Afterward, he went further and released Pariwo in that same year.

They also performed on different shows in different places like Port Harcourt, Lagos, and a few others. Although he wasn’t known yet, he was persistent and released Amadu Chocko in 2023 and a sped-up version of Baller afterward.

His latest releases are Babu Wahala and Idan Nation where he was featured by fellow upcoming star, McLioon. He currently has over 73,000 followers on Instagram which is his most-used social media

Boy Muller’s Personal Life

Boy Muller currently lives in Nigeria and is unmarried. However, there is no information on the fast-rising artist dating life.

Boy Muller’s Top Songs

  • Baller(Sope Otilor)
  • Pariwo
  • Amadu Chocko
  • Babu Wahala
  • Idan nation

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How old is Boy Muller?

He was born on August 5 but the specific year remains unknown.

Where is Boy Muller from?

He is from Nigeria but his state of origin is still unknown.

What is Boy Muller’s real name?

His real name is Abolaji Sherifdeen.

What is Boy Muller’s net worth?

Boy Muller’s net worth is currently unknown.

What is Boy Muller’s latest song release?

Babu Wahala is the name of his latest single.

Who signed Boy Muller?

The talented artist was signed by Carter Efe, a popular Nigerian comedian.


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